Client Social Media Monitoring for Personal Injury and Disability Lawyers

Make Sure Your Clients' Social Posts Aren't Damaging Their Files

Has a personal injury & disability lawyer’s understanding of social media evidence become a standard of care?

Private Footprint Solves This Problem

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Client Social Media Reports for Personal Injury and Disability Lawyers

Today, you’re getting a letter from opposing counsel telling you not to get rid of your client’s social media accounts and posts. When you agree to preserve this information, should you not know what your client has posted? Has a personal injury and disability lawyer’s understanding of social media evidence become a standard of care?

Private Footprint was developed to provide lawyers with full visibility into their clients’ past and present social media activity. It is designed to protect both you and your clients. But more importantly, it can help increase the settlement value of your clients’ files.

Your Clients are Damaging their Files

Examples of plaintiff lawsuits against insurers and others being dismissed because of irresponsible social media activity by clients are rampant. Lawyers need to understand their client’s social media habits and the risks posed by the information they share on their accounts. To do this, lawyers need sophisticated tools to fight back and protect their files.

Protect the Value of Your File

Your clients’ social media activity can have a direct impact on the value of their files. Be informed.

Protect Your Practice and Increase Revenue

Increase Value of Files

Painting a picture of your clients’ life before their injury or illness is instrumental in maximizing the value of their claim. By using pre-date-of-loss social history, you can build a compelling report in minutes that can help increase the value of their settlement.

Avoid Unnecessary Risks

By the time you meet your clients for the first time, the damage may have already been done. Quickly run a report of their social accounts to assess if they are indeed a file you want to invest in.

Save Significant Time

Law clerks and paralegals can spend several hours every week scouring through client social media accounts and manually cutting and pasting posts to compile reports. Instead, posts from various platforms are fed into one dashboard for easy viewing and professional reports can be instantly generated.

Reduce Client Risk

For many clients suffering from an injury or illness, social media is a rare outlet. What they post may seem innocent to them but can easily be misrepresented by the opposing side and misinterpreted by a judge or jury. Our data shows that lawyers who implement Private Footprint see a massive decrease or complete stop to client social media activity. 

Standard of Care

As more case law emerges confirming the detrimental effect that social media usage can have on client settlements values, lawyers can no longer ignore their client’s social media history and ongoing activities. Read examples of case law.

How Private Footprint Works

Private Footprint makes it easy for your clients to provide you access to their social media content. It is a powerful permission-based tool that allows lawyers to quickly view, organize, and make sense of the overwhelming volume of social media content generated by clients. You can easily review social activity for each client separately, flag specific posts, and quickly generate detailed reports which document your client’s lives before and after life-altering events such as personal injury, illness, and disability. Evidence-quality reports can be generated in minutes and easily customized to your needs.

Historical Reports

Go back up to 5 years before Date of Loss or Denial of Disability to build a client’s historical profile.

Ongoing Review

Keep an eye on your clients’ social activity and quickly educate them about acceptable social media activity.

Tangible Evidence

Easily create reports for discovery prep, mediation, settlement memos, or evidence at trial.

Recoverable Disbursement

Pay a nominal flat fee per file, individually itemized for ease of a list of assessable disbursements.

Private Footprint is not a repository and does not own or have the ability to edit the content on your client’s social media accounts or see any private communication. Your client’s social media content is and will remain the property of each social platform and subject to its terms of use that users have accepted. Access to client social accounts is permission-based and done on behalf of the law firm without the privacy breach of asking the client for a username or password.

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