Client Social Media Discovery for Plaintiff Attorneys

Defense Counsel knows what your clients are posting. Do you?

Client social media content can be a minefield or a gold mine – you decide which. Protect and increase the value of your files.

Build your client’s backstory through their social media history.

Private Fooptrint helps you discover the treasure trove of pre date-of-loss content to better tell your client’s stories – and increase their settlement values.

Private Footprint helps reduce client posting frequency.

You ask clients to stop posting, but they don’t. Law firms that use Private Footprint experience an 85% reduction in client social media posting on average.


Ignoring client social media evidence is dangerous for plaintiff attorneys and their clients.

For every file you open, you request medical records, police reports, employment records, and more — why overlook a client’s social media history when one damaging post can destroy the value of your file?

Has ignoring client social posts become a failure to provide a standard of care?


A social media discovery tool to protect your clients and your settlement values.

Private Footprint is a permission-based tool designed to allow clients to grant you permission to review and analyze social media content. Users can review activity, identify posts of interest, and generate evidence-quality reports detailing client experiences before and after significant life events.

Increase File Value

Pre date of loss client social media content is an often overlooked gold mine. These posts help you build a client’s backstory and increase the value of their settlement.

Reduce Client Risks

You tell them to stop posting, but they don’t. Our data shows that attorneys who implement Private Footprint see an 85%+ decrease in client posts.

Avoid Deposition Surprise

Don’t get blindsided at deposition or trial. Inoculate problematic content before it’s too late.

Standard of Care

As more case law emerges confirming the effect that social media can have on settlement values, attorneys can no longer ignore their clients’ social media.

Is It Time to Settle?

By the time you meet your client for the first time, damage may have already been done. Review posts to help you decide whether you need to settle early.

Save Significant Time

Legal staff can spend several hours scouring through client posts, manually cutting and pasting them into albums or reports. We turn these hours into minutes.

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  • Increase
    File Value
  • Avoid
    Deposition Surprises
  • Save
    Hours Per File


Learn how plaintiff law firms across North America are leveraging client social media content.

We’ll guide you through best practices, operational consideratons, and how our software works.


A Critical Tool for All Plaintiff Attorneys

Social media review is the new standard of care for all plaintiff attorneys. From personal injury to family law, reviewing your clients’ posts is critical to managing their cases.

Personal Injury

Disability/Worker’s Comp




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