Client Social Media Monitoring for Personal Injury and Disability Lawyers


Designed to Empower Plaintiff Lawyers
in a Changing Landscape

Developed for the Plaintiff Personal Injury and Disability Law firm, Private Footprint allows you as a plaintiff lawyer to easily generate detailed reports which documents your clients’ lives through social media before and after their date of loss arising from a personal injury or disability.  Reports can be generated in minutes and easily customized to a law firm’s need.

Private Footprint also provides an easy to use monitoring tool that allows your firm to cost-effectively track client social media activity, flag problematic content, and avoid problematic clients before you agree to take them on

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Our History

Private Footprint was developed through a partnership between a Plaintiff Personal Injury and Disability Law Firm and a Marketing Technology Company. Having worked together for years on various projects, it had become obvious that clients were using social media to the detriment of their case and without fully appreciating how their social posts were being perceived by others.

Furthermore, clients were rarely consistent in sharing their backstory, leaving out critical details of their life before their injury or illness that could help strengthen their case. This backstory was often documented in their social media accounts.

We developed Private Footprint for our own use and have used it very successfully to protect our firm, protect our clients, and the increase the value of their files.

More Than Just an App

A number of additional assets were developed that will be made available to customers of Private Footprint which have been used in practice. They include:

  • Client retainer agreement clause that addresses permission to access client social accounts.
  • A social media code of conduct for clients that every personal injury and disability law firm should have their clients sign.
  • Access to an informative video for clients to watch that explains the importance of providing access to their social accounts.
  • Information that can be provided to clients on how to keep their social accounts private.

We Can Help Protect the Value of Your Files

Private Footprint does not own any of the social media data and is just a tool to safely pass on private information, sort, print, and create reports from that data for the law firm. Our objective is to provide plaintiff personal injury and disability law firms with a tool to increase the value of client files. Private Footprint has also been used to successfully defend against ever-increasing efforts by defense investigators to misrepresent clients’ use of social media to invalidate or reduce file values. We look forward to guiding you through this social media monitoring web application.

Let us help you start increasing the value of all client files by making Private Footprint a part of your file opening checklist and a valuable part of your personal injury and disability practice.