Client Social Media Discovery for Plaintiff Attorneys


Your client’s social media activity can have a direct impact
on the value of their file. Be informed.


Which social platforms can Private Footprint access?

We currently support Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), TikTok, and YouTube.

How quickly can I run my first report to assess a prospective client?

In under 5 minutes, assuming the client responds to the invitation from the system. Other law firms are including Private Footprint as part of their initial client intake process for immediate validation of their client’s profiles.

Will I be able to add, edit, or delete client posts on their actual social media accounts?

No. Private Footprint only has read access to your client’s social media accounts. You will however be able to add an explanation next to posts in the report feature. The actual posts can never be manipulated.

How does this benefit my clients?

This is discussed extensively throughout the website. Private Footprint can help you protect and increase the value of your clients’ files.

Is it easy for clients to provide me access to their accounts?

It’s very easy and typically takes under 5 minutes. They will receive an email invitation from Private Footprint to permit access to their social accounts without ever having to share or divulge their login credentials. 

Do clients have access to Private Footprint?

Yes. They will have their own separate account which allows them to see what you see, and create social media content albums for personal use. 

What if my client doesn’t agree to provide me access?

Sometimes, this is due to a client’s fear that you will make changes to their social accounts. We suggest you start by showing them an explanatory video developed for clients that explains the process, the benefits, and the protection of privacy. A link to this video is available in the Resources section within the application. However, should they continue to refuse, this may be of some concern as to whether or not you wish to take on this client since their social media may become potential evidence in their action.


Do I need a client’s permission to add them to Private Footprint?

Yes. Private Footprint is a permission-based application. Because of this, you get full visibility into all your clients’ social posts (public and private) and you never have to cut and paste a social media report again. Clients will never have to share or divulge their login credentials.

Do I get access to their chats and messages (for example, Facebook Messenger)?

No. Private Footprint only accesses their social posts which include texts, images, and videos.

Should I add a clause in my retainer agreement regarding social media monitoring?

Yes, we recommend you do so. Once you create an account, you will find a sample clause under the Resources section within the application which can be used a starter template.

Can clients remove access to their social accounts?

Yes. Clients can remove access through their individual social accounts. This is an important part of permission-based access to address privacy concerns. However, a properly worded section in your retainer agreement should provide for the consequences of doing so. A sample clause is provided in the Resources section within the application.

Does Private Footprint or the Law Firm own the clients’ social media content that is accessed by Private Footprint?

No. Ownership is subject to the terms agreed to by your clients and the social media platforms (Facebook, Google, X/Twitter, TikTok, Instagram etc.). Our robust application provides a conduit to allow you to easily view, monitor, and report on your client’s social media activity.

Do I need to ask my client for their social media login information?

No. You’ll never have to ask a client for their login credentials (username and password), creating security and privacy concerns. You simply invite then through the application and they authenticate their social accounts themselves.

If a client changes their password, will Private Footprint lose access to their social media account?

No. Private Footprint access is not dependant on the client’s password. It’s authenticated on an application to application level.


Is it really only a one-time cost of $50, $100, or $200 per file (depending on the plan)? What's the catch?

Yes. Other than taxes, that’s it. It’s a one-time cost per file. No subscriptions or hidden fees. Why you ask? Because we want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for every plaintiff lawyers to request their client’s social media content. It’s really a Standard of Care.

Do you provide receipts so I can add the Private Footprint App as a file disbursement?

Yes. You can easily print individual receipts for every client file for ease of booking as a client disbursement.

How long does each client file remain active on Private Footprint?

Client files can remain active for up to 5 years depending on the plan you choose. You can renew your plan to extend the time closer to the date of renewal.


Should I add every file to Private Footprint?

Yes. If the client has, or had in the past five years, a Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter, TikTok, or YouTube account. Consideration should also be given to those clients who represent a minor who also has their own social media account, or a spouse/partner who regularly posts about your client (as a couple, family events, etc.).

What if Private Footprint adds additional social media platforms, will I automatically be able to download these new posts?

Just like the initial setup process with the existing social media platforms, you will be able to easily request access from your existing clients.

Can I add multiple users from my firm?

Yes. You can add as many users as you’d like and provide them with one of four levels of access.

Can I assign clients to multiple staff members or re-assign them?

Yes. We designed Private Footprint so that a law firm can assign and reassign clients to multiple staff members.