Client Social Media Discovery for Plaintiff Attorneys

Private Footprint makes it easy for your clients to share their social media content to help you protect and increase the value of their files.

In your demo, we’ll show you how to:

  • Get visibility into your clients’ social media accounts.
  • Identify problematic social media content early.
  • Quickly produce reports for internal and external use.
  • Create an index of your client’s social posts for the Affidavit of Documents.
  • Use pre-date-of-loss content to increase the value of your files.

Why You Need Private Footprint

Increase File Values

Your client’s pre-date-of-loss social history is a goldmine that’s often overlooked. Reviewing this history helps you build their backstory and increase the value of their claim.

Save Hours Per File

What takes law clerks and paralegals hours per file to manually review client social media accounts and produce reports now takes a few minutes.

Avoid the Deposition Surprise

If your clients have problematic content on their social accounts, opposing counsel already knows. Enter every deposition, discovery, and pre-trial meeting with confidence by being aware of your client’s posts.