Client Social Media Discovery for Plaintiff Attorneys

In The News

In an insightful article from Fox San Antonio, it’s highlighted how social media can profoundly influence personal injury cases. This discussion points out that seemingly innocent posts on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or X can unintentionally provide defense attorneys with substantial evidence to dispute the severity of claimed injuries. Such posts might depict activities that contradict a claimant’s stated physical limitations, thereby jeopardizing potential settlements.

“If you have been injured in an accident and have decided to pursue a personal injury claim, social media can be your worst enemy. Posts, photos, and videos shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, or any other social network can have many unintended, negative consequences on your case,” the post says.

“You may be inclined to share the details of a big event, such as an auto accident, with your network, but a seemingly innocent post or picture could have a devastating effect on your ability to recover compensation for injuries caused by another person.”

The article also touches upon the importance of privacy settings and the potential reach of seemingly private posts. Even with stringent privacy controls, posts deemed private might still be accessible in legal contexts, further emphasizing the need for careful online conduct.

The overarching recommendation from the article is clear: clients involved in personal injury cases should refrain from posting on social media altogether during the legal process. This is to prevent any potential missteps that could be exploited by opposing counsel.

For plaintiff attorneys, this is a reminder of the critical importance of closely monitoring and advising clients regarding their online behavior. Leveraging a tool like Private Footprint can be a game-changer in this respect. This software not only reviews social media content but also helps you prepare for any potential risks and guide legal strategies. Our studies have also identified that law firms notice an 85% reduction in client social media posts while using our software.

Private Footprint’s capabilities ensure that attorneys have a comprehensive view of how their clients’ online presence might affect their cases and empower legal teams to preemptively address issues that could undermine their efforts in court or during settlement negotiations.

For those interested in a more in-depth discussion on the impact of social media on personal injury claims, the full article can be accessed here.